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Catering Services for the Coast

tapas hen’s night with the sacred chef

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Sacred Chef Caterers for the coast and hinterland


Sacred Chef Principles of Proficiency

  • Organisation – we prepare and follow schedules, menu plans, and inventories of every requirement.
  • Consultation – we keep you in the loop.
  • Timing – we deliver and serve on time.
  • Balance – we maintain a sense of humour.
  • Eventualities – we meet and deal with ALL eventualities.

Sacred Chef Catering offers unique, handmade, artisan food, prepared in Maleny or onsite, especially tailored for your function, seminar or event. This means that you and your guests will enjoy delicious food, prepared from the freshest produce available and created with love and individuality. Food like this is available nowhere else on the sunshine coast and will make your day or night a memorable one.

Sacred Chef Catering, the Maleny and sunshine coast hinterland caterer, also prides itself on providing delicious food that is good value for the money spent – we have never been questioned by a client on matters of abundance! Whether your catering requirements are big or small, or more personal like a birthday party or wedding feast, or perhaps something else entirely – Sacred Chef Catering is the right choice. We make food magic, and we make it on time and without the stress!


Sacred Chef, the Maleny and range caterers, specialise in seminar and conference catering – as we have a great deal of experience in this field. We also enjoy festival and retreat catering, creating healthy and alive cuisines, which contribute to the success of these events. Organic choice menus are available on request, and Sacred Chef Catering also specialises in a range of specialist dietary options, such as gluten free, sentient, vegan and vegetarian. When you have a lot of experience cooking for clients with specific dietary requirements you can create delicious food within the necessary parametres – for more traditionally trained cooks and chefs that is challenging.

The Sacred Chef was WellBeing Magazine’s food editor for five years and produced a number of annual cook book supplements for that quality publication. Prior to that, the Sacred Chef has been a restauranter and cafe owner in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. The Sacred Chef began his cooking journey in Zorba the Buddha’s kitchen in Sydney’s Taylor Square.


or email sacredchef@midasword.com.au



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