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Recent Catered Events

21st Birthday Party in Maroochydore

Sacred Chef, sunshine coast caterer, created a wonderful party spread in the penthouse for a lucky young fella’s 21st. Gourmet pizzas, Spanish omelettes, and much more topped the platters at this swank occasion on the coast. Guests were impressed with the freshness and flavour of our thin crusted gourmet pizzas, salads and canapés.

Mountain Creek Catered by Sunshine Coast Caterer Sacred Chef

Sacred Chef Catering was thrilled to fill the platters, at John’s 50th Birthday Party last Saturday night in Mountain Creek, with gourmet pizzas and canapes. To the sounds of old time rockin roll, with a live band present, patrons partied on the spacious deck overlooking the canal – not quite howling at the full moon but having a damn fine time of it!

The lamb and tzatziki pizza was a big hit, along with the chorizo, goat’s cheese and tomato chutney pastries – of which some said, “were better than sex.” A special night that the Sacred Chef felt honoured to be part of – thanks Marion and John.

Seafood Fresh Beautiful Seafood Special Maleny 60th Birthday Dinner Party
The Sacred Chef was privileged to cook a delicious three course seafood extravaganza for Malenyites, Trish & Denis & their extended families. Scallops grilled in their shells with rocket pesto; Mooloolaba King Prawns with garlic & sherry; chilli mussels in tomato & white wine; Spanish omelette with aoli; warmed olives in rosemary & lime; grilled snapper fillets; Thai lamb shanks in red curry sauce; & chocolate tart with raspberry coulis & double cream.

Weddings in Montville at Lake Terrace House

Another wonderful wedding at Wurtulla Beach on the sunshine coast – the music was unbelievably great and they loved my food!

The Sacred Chef is now feeding the Horse Whisperers, who are running with the wolves and finding harmony with horses. Equestrians are now on my menu of catered events, and with my love of Roman history I am transported back to that noble calling. It may just be gourmet sandwiches, fruit salad and home-made cakes, at this stage, but we have inklings of plans for more lavish retreats – where woman and horse, man and horse, can come together as one in harmony!

Where: Wattle Gulley Farmhouse

Why?:Mick’s 50th Birthday Celebration

The Sacred Chef was on hand to present a three course meal for twenty family guests. We began with a Won Ton Prawn and Chicken Soup, a clear delicious broth swimming with flavour and plump dumplings, sprinkled with finely chopped spring onion. For the main course we had the slow cooked Thai style lamb shanks with jasmine rice, steamed greens and red curry sauce. Hearty winter fare with tangy flair and accompanied by roast Sichuan pepper pumpkin and tossed baby spinach, rocket and raw veg. The contrasting textures of the tender lamb, the spicy coconut and lime sauce, fragrant rice and crunch of the crisp wafer thin vegetables was a sustaining pleasure. We finished in sin with pure flourless chocolate tart, raspberry coulis and double cream; ah sensual delight!

70th Birthday Party in Montville

The Sacred Chef was engaged to make the party food for a Big Birthday Event for a very lovely lady in Montville. We brought many platters of sushi with teriyaki chicken, toasted sesame seeds and avocado; salmon, wasabi and spring onion; savoury egg custard, cucumber and pickled ginger. Plus platters of leek and olive vol au vents; Chorizo sausage and goat’s cheese pastries; baba ghanouj cucumbers; Thai duck  and bean shoot rice mini wraps; and lots more. The weather was fine and the guests loved their canapes and celebrated a wonderful birthday with their hosts.

Xmas in Maleny

It was a Christmas banquet and the rain had abated, so the luncheon guests were able to take their places outside at the table, already set with cutlery and glasses. They began with a medley of warmed olives in lime, rosemary, garlic and with a touch of chilli – having been slowly heated in extra virgin olive oil, the olives released their flavours like never before, and there were oohs and aahs from certain patrons. Mooloolaba prawns and crunchy strips of juliened vegetable had been wrapped in fresh rice paper rolls to dip into Hoi Sin sauce and these were clean and delicious tasting in the mouth. Another platter of plump Thai fishcakes, made with the finest snapper, were waiting to be consumed with a sweet cucumber dipping sauce. I looked around and saw expectant, excited faces, awash with a pink glow, consistent with the state of seasonal festivities that was upon us.

The children were restless, not big fans of this fancy food and impatient for some traditional fare. Where was the turkey and its wide slices of white meat? They were not to be disappointed but were made to wait a little longer, while the chef fussed about in the kitchen with long white platters, filling them with salads. Next to appear was a bloody big fish, with its head and tail still intact, but with slippery slices of orangey paw paw and pale green wedges of Tahitian lime spilling from its belly. A whole baked ocean trout, with silvery skin peeling back to reveal that pale, pink flesh and its sweet aroma of cooked fish and herbs.

The bird came next, all 4.9 kilos of it, wings and haunches like some prehistoric dinosaur – the Flintstones came to mind, Fred, Barnie and a pterodactyl. The chef carved those big white slices of perfectly cooked meat and a crowd of kids made him feel like they were all best friends, as he piled their plates with flesh. Scoops of bacon and pesto stuffing came steaming out of the big bird’s cavity to join the culinary parade on each plate. A vegetarian frittata was introduced to one young boy’s Christmas palate, his exploration of something a little exotic pleased his encouraging dad.

Dessert came quicker than we thought and this was an array of delectable sweet dishes, which could have been a little more petite to say the least. A slice of French flourless chocolate cake, alongside a thin wedge of citrus tart, a small pool of raspberry coulis and half a mango cheek, with a dollop of double cream. Ian had seconds.

French champagne was served and the chef was invited to sit down and join everyone at table. Funny stories and family moments complemented the green and ever-growing Maleny scenery, which was all around us. Toasts to the great God abundance and soon a few guests were disappearing for well-earned afternoon rests. The day was fast declining but we had seen the best of it.

Mullighan Family Christmas Day 2010  catering by The Sacred Chef.

Peta’s special 40th Birthday Party at Top Cottage was a delight to cater for – with a lovely hostess, great guests and a beautiful location. Sacred Chef Catering fed around 50 party attendees with a mix of canapes – including sushi; olive leek and goat’s cheese tartlets, smoked ocean trout creme fraiche pastries, roasted red capsicum coulis on mini toasts and many more delicious combinations.

Our enthusiastic barman, Alex, kept everyone’s glass of French champagne topped up throughout the evening and even poured a few hundred cups of lemon squash for the kids. We catered for the kids with our homemade Margherita pizzas and local sausages made by the Maleny Butcher Warren.

As the night progresses we served from the BBQ – snapper Thai fishcakes; Mooloolaba king prawns; marinated lamb skewers with a garlic yoghurt sauce; chorizo sausages and a range of locally made gourmet snags. There were bountiful platters of salads and freshly baked bread rolls to accompany the meats. Guests loved the food and really enjoyed a great party.

We cleaned and scrubbed the BBQ and kitchen, removed all the trash and left all spick and span.

Thanks Peta for the opportunity to cater for your special party.


The Sacred Chef  cooked for the Maleny Film Society’s  movie of the month – last Saturday evening August 14th and it was a case of very clean plates coming back to the kitchen. The slow cooked lamb shanks  in French gravy with mash, were the Oscar winning stars of the night. Lots of laughs were heard from the audience watching the fantastic French film MicMacs after their dinner with the Sacred Chef. The desserts, such as my famous French, flourless, pure chocolate cake with double cream and raspberry coulis,  and the apple and macadamia tart were also very well received. For more details see menu….. The Sacred Chef hopes to be invited back again to cook at the movies in Maleny.

The Sacred Chef was pleased to cater for a beautiful Margii wedding last Saturday, August 21, at Lake Baroon, Maleny. It was a stunning day, blue skies and sunshine, and flags were flying and flowers garlanded around a beautiful outdoor wedding setting. Didis and dadas were emblazoned in orange and contrasting in colour the brilliant blues of the water lapping the shores at Lake Baroon, on the sunshine coast hinterland. Heart felt music drifted on the air as the  hundred or so guests took their places under the Maleny River School marquees and faced the graceful figures of bride and groom. Dada Ratnadavananda, principal of the Maleny Ananda Marga River School, spoke of love and service as the couple knelt before each other and a congregation of friends and family.

The wedding feast was sentient of course and plentiful, platters and bowls of deliciously fresh salads, dips and crudites were laid out upon buffet tables beneath the boat shed, next to the water’s edge. Gorgeous strawberries, plump and full, shared space with slices of paw paw, assorted melon and Chinese gooseberries. Raspberry and mixed berry coulis’ stood sweetly glistening in bowls and puddling over expanses of thick, white, double cream. Freshly baked bread rolls were broken open and spread with butter. Sauces and soup were sloshed over rice biranyi. The macadamia and roast pumpkin dip was greatly admired and asked after. The enviro plates were heaped, emptied and re-heaped with welcome fare. No guest went anywhere near hungry and many were asking for takeaway containers to accompany them home.

The Sacred Chef sends best wishes to the bride and groom!

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