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Kitchen Tools

The Sacred Chef recommends the Cocosplit, as a well made and highly effective kitchen tool, which makes using fresh coconut in our cooking a lot easier!

The approach to designing Cocosplit took note of the fact that a sharp machete (large metal knife) blow on the line of the “equator” of a fresh coconut (taking the eyes as being one of the poles of a globe) opens a crack in the shell that runs around the equator. Indigenous skill has been acquired in the coconut heartlands (stretching from India to Polynesia) so that most adults routinely split coconuts open daily in the field or the kitchen.
Where coconut is an imported item splitting skill and tools are mostly absent. Hence the need for Cocosplit, which was designed to enable splitting to be done by unskilled folk, neatly and without fuss.
There is a chisel blade in Cocosplit that is located by a vertical shaft to align readily with the equator of the nut placed centrally on the base-plate. This spot is just where the nut would have been struck with a machete by a skilled user. The chisel mechanism is spring-loaded so that the nut is held firmly between the blade and a metal base-plate beneath it, which has a polyurethane cushion in the centre to absorb energy at the bottom of the nut thus preventing random cracking of the shell.

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As a professional caterer I would say that my most cherished kitchen tool is my spatula, as it scrapes every last skerrick of my cooking into whatever vessel I am decanting it into. Avoiding waste is the main mantra in a commercial kitchen!

Now is a great time to buy kitchen tools and equipment, with the strong Aussie dollar and renewed interest in cooking, due to TV’s love of cooking as cheap content. Aldi has lots of great culinary things every week at really cheap prices!


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