Have you been Sudhafed?


Spice Up Your Life!

Do you have a regular group, book club, meeting or function that you would like spiced up?

How about booking some Tapas to enliven your guest’s tastebuds?

There is nothing like really good Chorizo sausage lightly pan fried and served with fresh goat’s cheese and a wedge of lime. Match this with a glass of Tempranillo or Shiraz and things are really cooking!

TAPAS can really make your party!

At $5 per piece.


  • Sardine and potato fish cakes served with garlic aoli.
  • Baby octopus slowly simmered in Rose and Fino sherry.
  • Oven roasted tomato and crab meat lasagne.
  • Spanish omelette.
  • Chorizo sausage and grilled scallops in the shell.
  • Panfried crumbed fillets of mullet served with garlic aoli.
  • Baby red capsicums stuffed with rice, pork and dill.
  • Garlic and sherry Mooloolaba king prawns.
  • Warmed medley of olives in lime, rosemary and chilli marinade.
  • Anchovy tapenade with crusty bread.
  • Pinto bean, Spanish onion and fresh tomato salad.
  • Chicken and veal croquettes served with tomato coulis.
  • Goat’s cheese served with grilled slices of Spanish salami.
  • Leek and olive pastries
  • Fresh asparagus and buffalo mozzarella cheese salad.
  • Local mussels in chilli and wine served with crusty bread.
  • Spicy grilled Portuguese chicken.

Call 5499 9280 and let’s talk TAPAS.

email TAPAS 

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