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“I chose to take the most important people in my life to The Sacred Chef Cooking School as an opportunity to enjoy our own company in a totally different context than the day to day routine. Well, we gained so very much more. The mocking of my slow prep skills was fun (for a while) however, that was the point. We all got to shine in all our special ways and laugh at ourselves when sometimes we forgot to in our daily life. I heartily recommend The Sacred Chef Cooking School – it is about figuring out what it means when people say:- “It’s the journey, not the Destination” Thank you Sudha

Visited June 2012

Cooking school here on South-East Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland


  • Cooking Classes for Couples – Yes we do them!
  • Cooking Classes for Groups – Yes we do them too!

cooking students in the studio

“Hi Sudha,

Just wanted to tell you Lorraine & I had a fantastic time last weekend at your cooking class. Thank you. We enjoyed your hospitality & professionalism & would love to come back again, maybe for a 6 week one!



PS What was the yummy slice in the goodie bag!”


Stay overnight at Maleny Views cottage resort!

“Thanks again for such an amazing experience. We learnt new tricks and didn’t lose any fingers so I’d call that a win.
I have done nothing but recommend the cooking class to friends and family since arriving home with bags and bags full of left-over food! You’ll be pleased to know my first attempt at making your vegetarian curry wasn’t a disaster, and i’m going to have a crack at your chocolate cake over the next couple of days. The whole experience was very relaxed and your approach is very supportive. Meeting you was by far the highlight and definitely made the food taste better. Next time we’ll cook for you my friend.
Ryan & Amy”

The Sacred Chef, of Maleny, is offering a range of cooking classes:

  • one off classes are 2 hours in the cooking studio, here in Maleny, followed by a scrumptious lunch
  • choose a day to suit you!
  • choose a menu too!
  • classes are hands-on and fun
  • recipes, notes and articles are provided in a take home pack

Choose from these specific cuisine cooking classes:

  1. TAPAS – The Spanish Taste Sensation!
  2. THAI – Salty Spicy Sweet & Sour
  3. Modern Australian Cuisine
  4. Regional Italian
  5. Japanese
  6. Vegetarian
  7. Indian
  8. French
  9. Vietnamese
  10. North African


Choose a menu with a mix of dishes that you would like to learn how to prepare or

one of the more all encompassing programs listed below:

cooking class attendees

We also offer a series of cooking classes, here on the sunshine coast, for those who would like to discover – some new ways of cooking with familiar ingredients, also be introduced to some new ingredients  and to generally have some tasty fun. Cooking can be a great way to express your enthusiasm, be inspired and share some grounded energy. On a healthy note much of what you will learn and consume will be highly nutritious.



A Sacred Chef cooking class just for the pair of you!

Cooking can be a bonding experience – fun and inspiring too!

Share some good food secrets with the Sacred Chef and take home recipes that you made together.

Choose a menu for two in consultation with the chef.

Enjoy a delicious lunch afterwards and reap your rewards.

$250 per couple 

your day includes a 3 course meal; complimentary selection of wines; take home recipe pack & goodie bag too!



Eating well can be a recipe for weight loss!

Cooking classes for her on the sunshine coast!

Cooking classes for him on the sunshine coast!

Cooking school for groups and individuals from Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

Only one hour’s drive from Brisbane for the best cooking class experience on the sunshine coast. Exceptional value for money, as you prepare, create and cook six or seven scintillating dishes – and then sit down in relaxed comfort to be served and eat, drink and be merry!

A great way to meet new friends and like minded people in convivial circumstances!

Cooking with Seafood – A Taste of the Sea!

In this class you will prepare six or seven fresh seafood dishes.

Learn how to cook with shellfish; fish and crustaceans. Create delicious dishes brimming with succulent seafood, fresh from the sea.

Discover Spanish, Thai, Italian, French and Modern Australian classic dishes to extend your culinary repertoire and make your kitchen sing with flavour.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious lunch after your class.

No longer will you be afraid to enter the water.

Neptune will be your friend.

$109 per person, includes lunch; take home recipe pack & goodie bag.

“Hi Sudha,

Just to thank you for the cooking class yesterday.
I really enjoyed the experience, having done several in this area, I can rate yours the best I have been to. Your course offered a more casual teaching atmosphere which for me made it a great experience, both in the making of the food and in the eating of it, as well as being in the company of a great group of people.
Thanks also to John for his efforts, for a ‘beginner’ he did a great job.

Look forward to catching up on another class sometime in the future.
Best regards,
Stan Gooch”

The view from our Cooking Studio in Maleny

Sacred Chef cooking school on the sunshine coast

Cook Well Eat Well Live Well

The Sacred  Chef, of Maleny,  has spent a lifetime learning to cook, eat and live abundantly; with verve and gusto!

Light the fire and find your passion in the kitchen and at table.

Spend a day with me in my cooking studio, here in Maleny, and then sit down to a feast for the body and soul.

Sample local produce prepared exceptionally well.

Fine wines on hand to match dishes.

Rediscover your mojo and rediscover the pleasure of being alive.

Book a date to suit you.

4-5 hours $109


Give the gift that keeps on giving with renewed health, passion and vigour!

Bookings 5499 9280 or sacredchef@midasword.com.au


“The Sacred Chef has great personality and is extremely entertaining with stories and anecdotes.”

“Best food I have tasted in a long time!”

“The class has so much practical information and hands-on experience.”

“We were amazed at how many ingredients we worked with and the number of dishes produced!”

Classic Cooking – Techniques and Dishes

In this one day cooking class you will be introduced, or reintroduced, to many of the classic techniques of the ‘good cook’ and also create some distinctive dishes to file away in your cooking repertoire. Take home recipes and notes will be included so that you do not forget your new or rediscovered skills.

  • sautéing onions & garlic, the building blocks of most dishes
  • when to add dried or fresh herbs & spices to your dishes
  • bread & pastry making
  • how to treat your meats
  • cooking with wine & making sauces
  • slow cooking techniques
  • understanding basic food chemistry

These are some of the things we will cover and experiment with, as you increase your confidence in the  kitchen and develop a solid skill base upon which to build with enthusiasm and fun. If there are specific skills you would like to learn please email me prior to booking.

Lunch Included!

Sundays 10am to 2pm here in Maleny

$89 per person

Give the gift of learning, life and laughter!

Bookings 5499 9280 or sacredchef@midasword.com.au

Food For Love – Passionate about Cooking

Eating good food, cooking great dishes, love and sex – there are strong parallels between these very human activities! They are decidedly interlinked, as someone once said, “if you want to know how a man makes love, watch him eat.”

In this cooking class we will visit some of the great dishes to eat when in love, to woo your ‘would be’ lover with and what foods can ignite a flagging fire. Discover natural aphrodisiacs in food and learn about the history of these foods of love and the famous recipes of love.

Cooking is alchemy after all, transforming base ingredients into new and wonderful dishes with which to delight the senses. And like the work of a good witch or warlock what happens in the kitchen can affect everyone in the household; brewing up delicious dishes containing spells of love and libido lengthening fervour!

Lunch Included!

Sundays 10am to 2pm here in Maleny

$109 per person

Bookings 5499 9280 or sacredchef@midasword.com.au

VegCookingpdf click here

Would you like to extend your vegetarian, culinary repertoire and feel more confident in tackling a vast array of vegetarian ingredients? In most of the great cuisines of the world 90% of the ingredients are from the vegetable kingdom, so it makes sense to know how to treat the numerous, delicious, members of this most healthy family.

Vegetarian cooking includes a delicious lunch at the conclusion of each  2 hour class.

Let me know what you would like to learn more about or explore and we will cater for your requirements during the course!

My vegetarian background is that I had my own vegetarian restaurant in Kings St, Newtown for nearly 10 years. Prior to this I was the chef at Zorba the Buddha vegetarian restaurant in Taylor Square, Sydney; and before this Commune Chef for Satprakash Rajneesh Centre. More recently I was WellBeing Magazine’s food editor for five years. 

$89 per person per class.

Class numbers are limited to 6 participants.

Give a gift that changes lives for the better!

Bookings 5499 9280 or sacredchef@midasword.com.au

the sacred chef

Information & Bookings 5499 9280


Cooking lessons in Maleny; Cooking lessons on the sunshine coast; cooking lessons on the range; cooking lessons on the sunshine coast hinterland. The Sunshine Coast Cooking School presents the Sacred Chef

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  1. Hi, I was inquiring when your next Vegetarian cooking class is scheduled. Thanks

    May 9, 2011 at 11:30 am

  2. Ken Harriden

    do you have a recipe for cooking mussells?

    April 12, 2012 at 9:47 am

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