Have you been Sudhafed?

Molecular Gastronomy Class on the Sunshine Coast

The Sacred Chef presented a molecular gastronomy class on the sunshine coast for team members from SANOFI, the French pharmaceutical company which owns Nature’s Own vitamins. Despite the misty weather, here in Maleny, twenty one staff members were entertained by the Sacred Chef.

Beginning with blind folded sensory games, where participants were invited to touch, taste and smell a weird and wonderful selection of substances. Apart from being a bit of fun, the processes take the participants out of their cerebral selves and into their sensual bodies, which is important preparation for cooking. Prizes were awarded to those that could identify the most substances in each sensory category.

Corporate cooking classes are a great way to build team morale within companies and the Sacred Chef Cooking School, here on the sunshine coast, specialises in these stimulating days and evenings. On this particular afternoon/evening event team members prepared green pea ravioli and melon caviare in the molecular cooking studio – shiny spheres of pure flavour emerged from this kitchen laboratory. The green pea ravioli was matched on the plate by giant salmon roe and served as part of a 9 course degustation menu.

Lobster medallions were accompanied by fresh lime foam; chilled Andalusian gazpacho soup was served in shot glasses; fresh buffalo mozzarella was matched with turmeric & coriander panbreads & tomato & cumin chutney; oven roasted snapper fillets with roast garlic aioli; spanner crab fresh rice paper rolls with chia seeds & hoi sin sauce; and lots more.

A great day and night was shared by all – showing that you can have fun in Queensland indoors, despite the challenging weather!

For bookings and more information sacredchef@midasword.com.au

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