Have you been Sudhafed?

The Last Meal

Heading: The Last Meal

Subheading: Food for thought.

What would you eat for your very last meal?

A family favourite that only your mum can make just right?

Or perhaps a burger with fries and special sauce?

Perhaps a sumptuous three course fine dining affair served with a chilled bottle of champagne?

What and how we eat says a lot about who we are. It has been said that if you want to know how somebody makes love just watch them eat. Do they gobble in a blink or take time to savour each mouthful? Is food a religious experience or just a means to an end? Is eating a serious business or an annoying waste of time? Where do you sit on the scale between these extremes?

Loving life, I like to take my time in the dining room and ingest the very best when I can get it, or make it myself. Am I a fat bastard? Well I could lose a few pounds or kilos but I am nowhere near obese and don’t plan on visiting there anytime soon. If the produce is pure and fresh then the food doesn’t need a lot of help from oils and fats to taste terrific.

Eat slowly and balance life out with some exercise, a walk or time in the garden (growing organic veggies?). Everything tastes a whole lot better when you have worked up an appetite for it. The puritan sits down at table after a hard day of toiling in the fields and thanks god for the bounty upon it. Nature does have the answers but we have sped so far down the technological highway that we have missed the turn off to what really matters. Big city living leaves us with a day sitting on our bums in front of a screen, then a trip to the gym, if we can make ourselves go, and yoghurt for lunch to keep our hips slim. Home appliances surround us, which save us time and effort, but we need that effort to exercise our big brained monkey bodies. Capitalism wants to turn us into robots and computers, and sees you as a unit of production on its spread-sheet to infinity. See where all this thinking about eating can lead, better to just keep my mouth shut when I am chewing the fat.

What is the best bit of a meal for you? Is it the beginning? Breaking the bread and spreading it with the butter curl, before popping a crunchy, creamy morsel in your gob Рah heaven if its good. Or are you a slut for sweets? A lover of just desserts, who waits for the final course like the seducer does for the disrobing and bedding of the beloved?  The delicate quiver of a bavois, like the unrestrained female breast. The cracking of a creme brulee to delve deep into rich, moist manna, that melts on your tongue.

Is it soup? Or are you a meat and potatoes kinda guy? Do you go on as you begin or do the calories slow you down? What about the cheque at the end? Does that depress you like paying someone for sex? Or does it elate you and make you feel in control? Are you someone who just can’t decide what to order and when it arrives you ogle the dish that your other has chosen? Resulting in some fumbling and embarrassing plate swapping and a bite here or there. The permutations are infinite and somewhere you find yourself among the list of disorientated diners who seek gratification in public displays of oral consumption. Where will it all end you ask? What about morality and where does the church stand on all this? Which church? Ah don’t go into all that right now please – save something for next time. But will there be a next time? Of course there will be. How about a recipe to go on with?

Mediterranean Chilli Popcorn


2 cups popping corn

1 cup olive oil

6 red chillies

6 large cloves garlic

6 sprigs of fresh rosemary

salt & black pepper to taste


In a heavy based large saucepan with a heavy lid pour in your oil & then your popping corn. Add to this chillies whole, garlic cloves whole & unpeeled, sprigs of rosemary & an initial salt & pepper. Cover with lid & place over a good heat. Things will soon start popping so keep your lid on. I like to give the whole saucepan a shake or two so that as much corn gets popped as possible. When the pops have died down, open your lid to be assailed by a wonderful aroma of olive, garlic, rosemary and popcorn of course. More salt & pepper before serving.
©Sacred Chef

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